winter has lost its grip

so, spring…………i’ve been waiting for spring for some time now. just yesterday i really started a lot of seeds-mostly herbs. i ordered some valerian roots from horizon and they are very active-it’s like they just couldn’t wait to grow.  i’m so happy to see them poke up greeny-purple spring shoots. soon all of the green stuff will be back-i’ve seen signs here and there. but there is still a bunch of snow on the ground, then mud season…so i’m looking to the tree medicine..the huge ice storm we had this winter dropped so many trees and branches,  i’ve been putting up cedar greens, cottonwood, aspen and willow barks and buds,  pine sap. i got some nice organic turmeric to tincture and i’m still macerating cayennes i dried last summer. also made some rose hip syrup and licorice tincture to get us through the end of cold  season-though what has been working best for me is good old apple cider vinegar and sam’s raw honey.  i am also feeling excited about salves again, and just made a pine sap unguent as well as rose petal salve and more st. john’s wort burn salve.  it helps but–my winter supply(bucket!) of nettles is getting low, my cabin fever has reached it’s peak!

we will be tapping the sugar maples next weekend, and hopefully with food and friends. i like when i need more than one scoop of herbs for the teapot, the big soup pot, it means there’s company coming, community. and…people i can test out my latest creations on. people just dont get as excited to come up here in the winter,what with the solid layer of ice, the foot of snow, howling winds and the house is by no means large. but it’s cozy, it’s warm by the woodstove and we have strawberry wine and ideas.  and-did i mention the 5 gallon bucket of nettles?

herbs are wonderful and available!

with no fanfare, i will list the tinctures i have available right now. call or e-mail me directly for more information.
black walnut
stinging nettles plant and seed
catnip flowering tops
milky oat tops
burdock root
dandelion root and leaf
st. john’s wort flowering tops
spilanthes plant
goldenrod flowering tops
propolis resin
plantain leaf
red clover flower
echinacea root, flower and leaf
wild carrot seed
cranberry fruit
barberry root
turkey tail
sulfur shelf
rosemary leaf
sheperd’s purse
chammomile flower
lobelia inflata
elder flower and berry
wild lettuce
lemon balm
ginger rhizome
turmeric rhizome
motherwort leaf and tops
calendula flower
hops strobiles
also, some dried herbs are available as a tea blend loose or in teabags, as well as salves, oils, elder honey syrup and garden gnome botanicals skin care.