micro forest farm, anyone?

welcome to the slightly contrived but free web page for our little farm.  we are a small collective based in the hudson valley(ny).  the point of this blog is to spread the word about our medicinal herb csa, and to make lists of the herbs we have available at any given moment.  certainly, we do not mean to give out health care advice in any way, and provide our historical references for educational purposes only.

i am traci, and i am the main grower and wildcrafter here right now. i am fundamentally opposed to pesticides and herbicides, though “certified organic” is  outside our current budget. i like science, i like compost, and i love useful weeds. i believe health care should be safe and accessible for everyone. i aim to examine the racism, classism, sexism, hetero-ism and cultural appropriation which seems to permeate both “regular” and “alternative” health care. i like to get in the dirt every day, my herbal approach is very practical, and i don’t much go  for the “magickal yonis, fairies and chanting” aspects of herbalism.

i have herbs greennessand tinctures for sale or barter  and will be offering a csa share beginning in may, that will be post # 2!

and finally, remember: all the medicinal herbs in the world won’t help you when dumped atop processed foods, corn syrup and coors light into a body completely free of exercise and fresh air so…EAT SOME KALE AND GO OUTSIDE!!